Anyone else struggle with their relationship to food? I have all of my life! But, diets just don’t work; they are designed to have us fail. Because they are all temporary “fixes.” I’ve been on a diet since I was 8, and I’m 42 now. That’s 34 years of yo-yo-ing up and down, on a constant extreme from starvation to binge, and so on and so on! I’ve tried every plan out there: Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Vegan Keto, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, Fruitarian, Packaged Food, Doctor prescribed diet pills, counting calories, counting carbs, counting everything, diet trackers, eating every two hours, Intermittent Fasting, oral HcG, Injecting HcG, Juice cleanses, water fasts, raw Vegan, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Purium, Ideal Protein, The 10 day diet, 3 day diet, cabbage soup diet; LITERALLY ALL THE DIETS. There were times I didn’t even need it, and there were times I did. If you’ve ever been overweight and dieted, chances are you have tried some or all of these as well. And you’re probably exactly where I am. Sick and tired of losing and gaining, filled with information on every approach, wanting to feel and look healthy, and feeling frustrated and helpless!

It’s time to get off the rollercoaster for good and transform my relationship to food, once and for all. And, my plan? Never diet again!!! I mean, NEVER! During last year’s quarantine, I tried to do Intuitive Eating, and that was just not workable for me. I was gaining steadily eating anything and everything I wanted, and my self esteem and confidence took a nose dive into a deeper depression. I am sure eventually you get past that with that way of eating, but I just couldn’t sacrifice myself for more experimenting.

This summer I found myself in debilitating back and neck pain brought on by stress. Months of doctor’s visits and chiropractic sessions had me re-evaluate how I was treating my body. After finding out that I may have a benign tumor on my pituitary, and some elevated levels in my bloodwork, I decided to make some drastic changes in my diet to see if I could shrink or disappear the tumor and transform my health. Working with my doctor, I have done a few rounds of doctor guided Food Mimicking Fasting through Prolon and in between sessions, I have taken on a Whole Foods Plant Based No Oil diet. It’s extreme, but my goal is health above all, and I know in the long run, this will be the way of life I need to adapt to get there!

So, as I originally stated, no more diets. This is my way of life now. My road to health and vibrance. If I have stray from this way of eating, I refuse to beat myself up over it. My body tends to reject anything now anyway, but I don’t mentally berate myself. And, I find the longer I stick with it, the less I crave the crap I had before! I bake for part of my living, and honestly, I have no interest in even tasting anything anymore. But, if and when I do, there is no guilt, no remorse, I just move on. There are no “wrong” or “bad” foods, but foods that make me feel good or not so great.

This blog is designed to inspire and excite with an array of delicious recipes, guilt free joy to eat fantastic food, share about flops and failures, heartfelt stories, and I hope it will turn into a conversation with those of you that wish to come along for the ride. I’d love to hear from you about what your experiences are like with food or WFPBNO transition eating if you are on that path, which recipes you’ve tried, challenges you may be facing, and anything else we can share together along the way. Happy Cooking, and Enjoy!